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Installation Of Sun 2.5.1 onwards

From the ok prompt 

ok  boot cdrom

The installation will go on with a very user friendly screen. Before installation please collect the following information :- Hostname, IP Address. The answers for the following questions are :-

Networked = yes
Part Of a Subnet = no

Creating file systems

# format
select the hardisk to be formated
enter the slicing information
# newfs /dev/rdsk/cxtxdxsx

To mount a particular patition

# mkdir /mountpt

# mount /dev/dsk/cxtxdxsx /mountpt

To see all the mount points

# df -k  

To install patches

From the Sunsolve patch CD

    mount the cd using the command if vold does not automount it. Should be in singel usermode while doing this (or) no user should be accessing the machine

# cd /cdrom/cdrom0

# ./patchinstall

* key in the patch id or 'suggested' to load the    suggested patches

* give yes to save progonal config, this enables patches to be backed out.

NOTE : Sufficient space should be in the /var dir for the above to take place. It is always better to take a root backup before loading  patches. But I have only taken a backup once till date and I nearly screwed up the system as I did not give the correct path for the destination so the root file system got full. Luckily I could remove the file and save the day !!

To see the patches loaded

# showrev -p >> spool.patches

# vi spool.patches

To manually install the patches using gzcat

mount the patch cdrom

# cd cdrom/cdrom0

# cp /<patchid.tar.gz> /tmp

# cd /tmp

# gzcat <patchid.tar.gz> | tar -xvf -

    a directory by the name of the patchid is created

# cd <patchid>

# ./installpatch .

reboot machine (# init 6)

NOTE : The patch installation should never be interrupted else we may hev to reload the OS as after this we may not be able to load the patch nor will we be able to backout the patch.